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Welcome Prof. Weiran Yang, Nanchang University, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Weiran Yang, Nanchang University, China

杨维冉, 南昌大学资源环境与化工学院教授。2004年毕业于中国科学技术大学化学系。2010年博士毕业于美国宾夕法尼亚州立大学化学系。2010-2013年先后在美国宾夕法尼亚州立大学和美国康奈尔大学从事博士后研究工作,2013–201年在美国陶氏化学公司工作。研究方向包括生物质基绿色化学品和材料,土壤重金属污染治理,金属催化剂的合成与应用,可降解高分子材料。
Weiran Yang is a professor at the School of Resources, Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Nanchang University. She graduated from the Department of Chemistry, University of Science and Technology of China in 2004. She received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Pennsylvania State University in 2010. From 2010 to 2013, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Pennsylvania State University and Cornell University. From 2013 to 2016, she worked at Dow Chemical Company. Her research interests include biomass-based green chemicals and materials, soil heavy metals pollution treatment, synthesis and application of metal catalysts, and biodegradable polymer materials.

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